Academy Day Moscow 2014
International Academy of Astronautics

Academy Day Moscow, Russia

Saturday August 2nd, 2014

on the occasion of the 40th Scientific Assembly of COSPAR

Moscow State University Shukulovsky Building, room S1 04


pdf format version of the program

Chairs:  Lev Zeleny, Gregg Vane

09h00   Program Presentation, by Lev Zelenyi, and Gregg Vane

09h05    Welcome Address, Anatoly Perminov, Vice President, Scientific Programs

09h15    IAA Heads of Space Agencies Summits by Jean-Michel Contant, Secretary General

09h45    Quantifying Space – Quantitative Models for Space Weather, by Maria Kuznetsova, GSFC, USA

10h30    Coffee Break

10h45    Remote Sensing of CO2 and CH4 in the Earth’s Atmosphere: From Missions to Science-Remote Sensing of Carbon Cycle Science, by Charles Miller, presented by Gregg Vane, Caltech/JPL

11h30    Following the Water in the Solar System – Mars, Europa, Moon, Mercury and beyond, by Igor Mitrofanov, IKI, Russia

12h15    Induction of newly elected Corresponding and Full Members

12h30    Lunch (optional-individual payment for each participant at the Moscow State University canteen)

13h30    Rosetta:  First Results from 67P/ Churyumov–Gerasimenko, by Gerhard Schwehm, ESA

14h15    Europa as an Abode for Life: Investigating Habitability with the Europa Clipper Mission Concept, by Robert Pappalardo, presented by Rosaly Lopes, Caltech/JPL, USA

15h00    Break

15h15    Russia’s Space Science Program:  Current Activities and Plans for the Coming Decade, by Lev Zelenyi, IKI, Russia

15h45    Russia’s Space Life Science Program:  The Current Status and Future Plans, by Oleg Orlov, Russian Institute of Space Medicine

16h15    Studies of the International Academy of Astronautics With Relevance to Space Exploration, Gerda Horneck, DLR German Aerospace Center Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Radiation Biology

16h45    A brief preview of COSPAR Scientific Event S.4, entitled "Path to Intelligent Life in the Universe,” by Claudio Maccone, INAF, Italy

17h00    Adjourn Plenary Session

19h30    IAA Dinner (optional-individual payment for each participant at the Durdin, Мичуринский проспект, д. 8)

22h00    End