IAA Program Committees

Year  2008

IAA Conferences, Symposia and Workshops

21-23 May, First IAA-RACTs Conference Space for Humanity, Korolev City , Moscow region, Russia.

28-30 May, First IAA International Symposium on Private Manned Access to Space, Arcachon , France.

22-26 September 2008, Searching for Life Signatures, Paris, France

29 Oct - 1 Nov, 3rd CSA/IAA Conference on Advanced Space Systems and Applications - Satellite Applications and Applied Satellites, Shanghai, China.

59th International Astronautical Congress, Glasgow, UK

A1 IAA/IAF Space Life Sciences Symposium

A4 37th IAA Symposium on Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI

A5 Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars IAA Symposium 

    - A5.3 The Next Steps for Human Space Exploration: What are the Alternatives?

A6 IAA Space Debris Symposium

B4 IAA Small Satellite Missions Symposium

D3 IAA Symposium on Stepping Stones to the Future: strategies, architectures, concepts and technologies

D4 IAA Symposium on the Far Future: renewed Visions

D5 IAA Symposium on Safety and Quality in Space Activities

E3 IAA Symposium on Space Policy, Regulations and Economics

E4   42nd IAA History of Astronautics IAA Symposium

    - E4.2 Memoirs and Organisational histories
    - E4.3 Scientific & technical reviews
    - E4.4 History of UK contribution to astronautics

E5   19th IAA Symposium on Space Activity and Society

    - E5.1 Innovating through Technology Spin-in and Spin-off
    - E5.2 Space Expectations: How the Public Views Space Activities
    - E5.3 The Architecture of Space: Tools for Development in the 21st Century

  E7 IAA Symposium on Space Terminology
  - E7.1 Language Issues After Half A Century Of Space Exploration